Steven Wade

Steven Wade

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31 Oct 2013

"Don't Bind Yourself To A Framework": or, Shut Up and Build Your Shit

It’s almost November and boy has 2013 been a rough year for PHP. From what I gather, it’s “hip” to hate PHP right now. With so many outsiders, and insiders, fighting and bashing the language and each other as if they were high school rivals, I’ve been rather surprised and elated to see the formation of the PHP FIGand the work they’ve done with the PSR standard. Having so many library and framework authors come together, agree upon a standard way of doing things in order to make their code interoperable, and then actually upgrading their code to meet said standard is an amazing feat that just a short while ago would have seemed impossible.
05 Aug 2013

Build RegEx

Regular Expressions, does anyone actually like them? I suck at them. If you’re like me at all, you struggle with them too. When I need to use regular expressions, I spend countless amounts of time on RegexPaltrying to find just the right combination. That’s why I built Build RegEx. This week, I discovered VerbalExpressions. Oh my! Regex made simple! What could be better than this? A GUI!! Thanks to the suggestion of my buddy Mike Crittenden, I decided to make a simple GUI that uses the VerbalExpressions JavaScript library.